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NEW FOR 2016 — the Unburger Pizza. What makes it an Unburger? The TASTE, of course. You get the flavor of a famous burger without the heavy bun. What makes it really special is the sauce. This is a pizza you can’t get anywhere else (yet!). Be the first in your area to say you’ve tried it & its AWESOME!



It’s hot…It’s spicy…It’s the best new topping for your pizza! Adding a swirl of Sriracha sauce to your favorite pizza amps it up a notch…if you dare!


Bacon!  BBQ!  The only thing that could make this pizza ANY better is pineapple and it’s got that TOO!

But really.  Just look at the photo and imagine a slice of this deliciousness making it’s way to your ‘buds!  Now, imagine the aroma of tangy sauce, smoky bacon and sweet pineapple wafting into your brain and thinking—“This ain’t (insert your location here).  This is Hawaii!” 


PcPizzaPhillySteak400x400After a bite of Piccadilly Circus Pizza’s DELICIOUS Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, who needs a sandwich!?

Of course, this pizza is made fresh, on-the-spot, but the aroma of real steak, sizzling in melted cheese and chopped green peppers is simply fantastic!

Served as a grab-and-go slice, The Philly Cheesesteak Pizza is also terrific for building daypart sales to customers who want sandwich taste with pizza convenience.


A Piccadilly Circus Pizza Welcome!

Three awesome new locations have been recently added to the roster of Piccadilly Circus Pizza locations:

Frenchman Valley COOP in Imperial, NE

CENEX in Velva, ND

• Wessels CrossRoads in Humboldt, IA

Welcome to the Pride!