Piccadilly Circus Pizza knows that, in order to create a successful and profitable foodservice operation, proper training is of utmost importance.? Piccadilly has developed a comprehensive and effective training program for store operators, managers and staff, ensuring an easy transition into the foodservice business.

Piccadilly’s Foodservice Consultants guide you through the set-up and opening process, focusing on all aspects of your operation: products, recipes, operational execution, financials, merchandising, marketing, inventory and re-orders.? Using Piccadilly’s proven system, licensees are armed with all necessary information to increase their bottom line.

All training is done on-site with our Foodservice Consultants, working side-by-side with your staff, showing them how to be the absolute best in the business!

And Piccadilly doesn’t stop training after you open your foodservice operation!

Partnering with Piccadilly Circus Pizza is your link to a vast network of resources and people dedicated to helping you achieve success in your foodservice program.? Whether it’s developing a marketing plan to grow your retail sales, or analysis to improve your bottom line, or new product development, Piccadilly is never more than moments away.? This site-specific focus, coupled with their national marketing research and development efforts, delivers new ideas and products, giving your foodservice program the fresh and innovative experience today’s consumers are demanding.